2021 Next Gen Cybersecurity:

Innovation and Best in Class Tools

March 30, 2021

Cybersecurity is a major concern and top priority for nearly every organization this year.  The cybertools landscape has become crowded.  Tools are complex and don’t always operate as expected.  Architecting cybersecurity tools for maximum protection is no simple task, and ensuring they are configured correctly and tuned on an ongoing basis is even more challenging.  Not to mention the ever-changing threats of today.  

What to expect

The 2021 Next Gen Cybersecurity Event will highlight the most innovative and effective tools and feature practitioners who have implemented them. Hear the latest innovations, lessons learned from people just like you and how to can architect an environment for a rock solid defense.  Whether you are a cybersecurity practitioner or responsible for other aspects of compliance, your knowledge of cybersecurity will be a necessary component of your leadership toolkit.